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Housing Society Management System

Housing society or Cooperatives is a term used to describe residential complexes usually consisting of plots, buildings. A housing society comprise of a group of house owners generally residing in same area, building, apartments or same premises formed as per relevant laws for smooth functioning of utilities and other amenities provided to them. The Housing Society modules cater to all the requirements offering your support in managing the day operations and easing up dealing with your members and servicing them.

  • Plots / Unit Category
  • Plots / Unit Inventory
  • Membership Register
  • New Sales (Create New Files)
  • Create Payment Plan
  • File Transfer
  • File Cautions
  • Notification & Reminders
  • Residents Services Allocation
  • Monthly Billing System on Services
  • Receipts
  • Adjustments
  • Member Ledgers (Online Access to Member)
  • Member Correspondence System
  • Integration With Finance & Accounts
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