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Import Cargo Management System

Import Cargo Management System is designed by using latest IT tools & technology that fulfill common information needs vide range of stakeholders. On the deployment of this integrated approach over all operation of our client become simpler and easy to handle with least human involvement it covers operations at all stages from Flight Handling stage to Cargo hand over to consignee. For each operation all reports and documentation will be system generated within no time and maintained as well properly.

We will divide it into the following sub modules:

  • DPU (Data Processing Unit) Module
  • AFU Module
  • ICG Module
  • UAB Module
  • Reports
  • Consignee setup
  • Agents Setup
  • Airline setup
  • Cargo Classes
  • Rate List
  • IGM (Import General Manifest)
  • Master Airway Bills
  • Console Airway Bills
  • Assign Physical Location with Barcode Sticker
  • Delivery Order
  • Shipment Arrival Notification (Arrival Advice, Phone Call, SMS, Email)
  • Shipment Examination
  • Shipment Cautions
  • Godown Rent Voucher
  • Gate Pass
  • Cargo Physical Delivery with Barcode system
  • Section-82 Register
  • Un-delivered Shipments
  • Reporting Module
  • Dash Board for Management
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